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Thousands of customers agree:
5 Star Equine Products makes the WORLD'S BEST SADDLE PAD!!

"The 5 Star pad is the best I ever used!!! After trying P__ C___ products and others, it seems to be the best for my horse and I. Thank for distributing such products." -VL, Issou, France

"I had ordered one of the [5 Star] pads from you back in April of 2006. Just wanted to tell you that this is the best pad I’ve ever owned. I have used it constantly and it has held up better than any other one I’ve ever had. It is still like new." -Lori A. Buckley, Chase, LA

"Thank you Talena, I just got the pad today. I LOVE it!!!!!!!!! The quality, materials and workmanship are superb!" -KC, Rapid City, SD

"I looked at pads in every Tack Shop online and in person at countless Stores and Shows before I found 5 Star. It's a great Pad, excellent materials and construction. All the others come in 1 size and most have some sort of space age orthopedic material. No doubt about it, wool is the best thing next to a horse's back." -Keith Adams, Duncan, OK

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Top 10 Reasons to Use a
5 Star Equine Products Pad

  1. Contoured, conformed fit
  2. 20% less cinching needed
  3. All natural, 100% Wool Felt - with 40% more Virgin Wool than ANY other wool pad!
  4. 3 times more Compression Protection than synthetic neoprene pads
  5. Even weight distribution and impact absorption
  6. 4 times greater Wicking Ability
  7. Eliminates heat build-up
  8. 2000+ hours of Maximum Riding Protection
  9. Soft and Durable
  10. Easy clean-up

Bonus Reason:

If you wouldn't wear rubber underwear, don't put it on your horse!



Self-Contouring Spine on HorseNEW! All 5 Star pads can now be made with an open, self-contouring spine (like the Self-Contouring Regular Skirt pad pictured.) Just select "Self-Contouring" under "Spine Construction" to get yours! For more information, see this blog post.

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