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Cinchas/Breast Collars

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Cinchas/Breast Collars

5 Star Elite Cinchas and Breast Collars were designed with the comfort of your horse or mule in mind. 100% mohair cord throughout means they are soft, and wick away sweat. Flat hardware prevents pinching. And a myriad of options means that your cinch or breast collar could be one-of-a-kind--just like your steed!

  • 5 Star Elite Cinchas
  • 5 Star Elite Breast Collars


Received my 5 Star products yesterday from you, and I am VERY pleased with all of the products! You have over-exceeded my expectations, and you are a VERY professional e-bay-er!!!

The mohair cinch & breast collar are simply beautiful! And the Saddle pad is so high quality I can really tell. Thank you for making my order colors work out, and taking the little extra time to make a VERY happy customer here! I hope we do business again in the future!

Thanks again!"

-TVS, Hopkins, MN